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If you struggle with any kind of addiction, especially gambling, Uber, and ride share in general, may not the best thing for you as an occupation or even side gig.

I mean, think of how we are always hoping to hit on a decent fare every time the notification lights up our screens when we don't have a clue what the next ride will bring. We long for surge rates and cuss when it seems we've been denied a higher rate that was clearly evident on the map.

Always trying to get that next decent fare. Just one more ride then head home. Crap, that was just a minimum fare so try just one more to hit target earnings for the day.

Often thoughts are filled with the next time we'll be out again, doing it "right," learning from our past mistakes, making better money.

It's like a freakin' drug. The rush of thinking the "system" or competing drivers have been outsmarted, the rider outwitted , the anticipation of waiting for the last ride to process to see how much more cash will be in the account.

Pretty soon, one may begin to only think about is the next "shift," foregoing family, relationships, health.

Be careful out there.
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