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Account suspended

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My account has been suspended. The link for submit the document is not working. The page doesn't exist. What I do?
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I'll tell ya what to do.

Sign up for my NEW rideshare company called; Travis Trolley Travels. This new rideshare company will blow the doors off of Uber & Lyft!
Where does one sign up for this awesome sounding new business adventure? Also do you need investors?
Well here's the thing. We are still in the design and planning stage, but it is so exciting!

Ya know how London has double decker busses? Well I am gonna do it a decker BETTER!

Triple decker buses

But here is the beauty of MY 3D buses. The top deck will be a mobile night club!
It will have babes, booze and booger sugar all in one spot. My buses will also include stripper poles, a DJ, lights, booming system, and a foam cannon. IT WILL BE AWESOME.

So far my investors include:
Elon Musk. He told me he plans a stock split after he buys Twitter to fund my company.
Jeff Bezos
Dan Bilzerian
& Andrew Tate
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You lost me when you said Andrew Tate.
Listen, I just need his big mouth to get horney misguided young men to spend their money for rides on my Trolleys and I also need some of his investment money. The term "useful idiot" applies to him, the situation and my marketing.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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