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If you have joined this forum because your Uber account was hacked, you've likely been taken in by the following scam. Please read before starting a thread on this subject.

The scam has numerous variations. But here is the basic idea:

Step 1: The scam will usually start while you're en route to a pick-up. The scammer will cancel the ride mid-way on your way to pick them up and will then call you. The scammer will pretend to be an Uber representative and may use the name Uber Support or Uber VIP.

The scammer will offer some reason for why they are calling the driver. Typically they will say they want to give you a bonus or that they need to protect the driver's Uber account in some way. They will often use the excuse that the card used for the original ride was stolen, or that the passenger who canceled is a VIP wanting to be discrete, so they've canceled the ride. The scammer will then ask the driver to verify their password or other login or bank details. Sometimes they will claim they are sending the driver a PIN code via text, and then ask the driver to confirm the code. This is how they access the information to get into your account.

NOTE: Uber (or any of the other gig apps) NEVER calls or messages drivers to ask for such info. This is ALWAYS a scam.

Step 2: The scammer will now have the necessary info. to access the driver's Uber account. The scammer will then change their bank details to an account or card that they can access. The scammer then deposits the driver's current earnings into that account instead.

If this hasn't happened to you, be cautious and alert, and never give out such info. If it has already happened, change your password to something new IMMEDIATELY and contact Uber ASAP.
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