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accident at DLA5 because of flex driver.

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did you guys here about it? some flex moron did a left hand turn on sycamore and a motorcycle ran into it from what i hear it was pretty bad hope they get lawyers and **** amazon as hard as they can. that place is a shit show.
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That's terrible but honestly it's not Amazon's fault. They weren't driving. I did notice today there is a sign on Sycamore Canyon saying no left or U turn heading south right at the Amazon driveway. That wasn't there yesterday. Even if GPS tells you go left out of the parking lot it's obvious you shouldn't.
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I agree they should make it so we aren't out on Sycamore Canyon. I make sure to get there early enough so I'm not sitting out there. I never noticed the signs on the right but just today saw the ones in the middle. I honestly rarely go that direction so I only saw them today. I'm not sure how it will work insurance wise but you are probably right. Lawyers always go for the deepest pocket. They will find a way to blame Amazon.

Another note on DLA5 they started checking I'd again tonight
They said it was really bad. I hope the motorcycle driver will be ok but honestly didn't sound like it.
Guess the warehouse guy got it wrong again. He told me it was one of the white vans. Ugh I have to stop listening to them
Motorcycle cops now hanging out in South driveway. Somebody pulled in behind me with the cop behind them for making the left turn into Amazon
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