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accident at DLA5 because of flex driver.

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did you guys here about it? some flex moron did a left hand turn on sycamore and a motorcycle ran into it from what i hear it was pretty bad hope they get lawyers and **** amazon as hard as they can. that place is a shit show.
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It was a van they told me today
It was a suv not a van. It was there for a while before it got picked up
Guess the warehouse guy got it wrong again. He told me it was one of the white vans. Ugh I have to stop listening to them
And you believed them? I wouldn't trust an answer from the drones at DLA5.. For some of them it looks like it's a job in itself to exist and to answer a question. You ask them something and they look at you with the dumbest expression... Not all of them, the girls seem smarter than the guys but there's a few dudes that look like all they're good for is sucking up oxygen.

Anyway.. Shoulda taken a picture, but yeah it was a suv, mightve been one of those Nissan rogues.
Motorcycle cops now hanging out in South driveway. Somebody pulled in behind me with the cop behind them for making the left turn into Amazon
good to know
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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