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accident at DLA5 because of flex driver.

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did you guys here about it? some flex moron did a left hand turn on sycamore and a motorcycle ran into it from what i hear it was pretty bad hope they get lawyers and **** amazon as hard as they can. that place is a shit show.
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That's terrible but honestly it's not Amazon's fault. They weren't driving. I did notice today there is a sign on Sycamore Canyon saying no left or U turn heading south right at the Amazon driveway. That wasn't there yesterday. Even if GPS tells you go left out of the parking lot it's obvious you shouldn't.
their has been a sign on the right hand side on the sidewalk for years... they recently put one in the center medium because of complaints. im pretty sure if that guy was on the clock either returning or picking up stuff they are going to go after amazons insurance. are you really going to tell me amazon isnt to blame for letting flex drivers park on sycamore while they wait to be let into the WH? where are all the yard marshals? dla5 pretty much lets flex drivers do what ever they want now.
That's been there for about a month now. Even b4 then the map would tell you to make a U turn at the south end and of course that sign says No U turn. Legally one has to make a right like they are going to the DMV then U turn and the left back to the wh.

I'm more worried about getting rear ended waiting out in the street and blocking the bike lane. cops could write a few on that one.
wow so you are one of the those that waits in line? why do you do it? just do what i do and cut in line of everyone. my safety trumps any bs line formed on a street that flows at 50 mph.
It was a van they told me today
oh you mean one of those poor bastards that has to deliver 300 packages in 8 hours? or they start getting harassing phone calls from dispatch telling them to hurry up. hope the motorcyclist or his family file a lawsuit and put them out of business.
2 signs + multiple accidents and people are still doing that left hand turn... are gig workers really that dull? i dont get it whats the hurry?
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