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The ACT Government's Access Canberra (previously Canberra Connect) shopfront in Woden has relocated from next door to the Woden Library to 200 metres or so closer to the Woden Bus Station. In fact, it's now just up the steps and to the right if you approach it from the bus station.

It's now in the Cosmopolitan Building at 21 Bowes Street in Woden, with easy access from the bus station and from the Woden Town Square.

It's staffed but also features touch screen terminals where you can complete many transactions. I found it very pleasant when I attended recently, my only disappointment being that I was served so promptly I couldn't linger to enjoy the ambience.

Payments at the new service centre are electronic only, using debit or credit cards.

Free parking for up to two hours nearby at the four-level car park off Neptune Street would eminently suit Canberra's discerning Uber drivers. There is always ample parking at the roof level if not on the lower levels.

The Access Canberra shopfront in Fyshwick has now closed.

(See https://www.accesscanberra.act.gov....anberra-services,-locations-and-opening-hours.)

For details about all of the Access Canberra shopfronts, see https://www.accesscanberra.act.gov....services,-locations-and-opening-hours#!tabs-4.
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