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Today I drove close to the USF campus and parked at a shopping plaza.
For solid 30 minutes that I was there, the pings from USF students were back to back.
I did not take even one of them out of fear that these bastards will randomly give a poor rating for no reason at all.

My lyft app was on as well.
In Lyft you can see names with ping.
When all you see are names typical of certain people and nationalities, you know these bastards have gotten so many bad Uber ratings that, as uber pax they cannot even get a ride anymore. They have to use Lyft which is more expensive! And again, as Lyft driver you will get low rated because of that as well. I did not take a single Lyft ping too.

I could have easily averaged a $20.00/hour or maybe more (not too much, but still it is something) in exchange for shit ratings. But I didn't do it as much as I needed that money.
You could eventually possibly theoretically get sued for discrimination. Why don't you park where the "good" people are?
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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