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A Radio/TV colleague of mine moved to LA. When he's not acting he drives for Uber.
He posted this story on Facebook, and I asked if I could share it here...

Uber riders from hell:
(When you call your driver in LA a generic 213 number comes up)
Me: hello this is Ron (in Uber land I use my legal name.)
Caller: where are you?

That's like a rider from hell ID card. No, hello this is. This rider shows up as B. Usually another tip that you are about to enter Uber hell when the passenger doesn't use an actual name.

Me: are you calling about your pick up at LAX?
Rider: Yes
Me: I will be at pick up zone E.
Rider: how do I get there?
Me: I don't know because I don't know where you are. Just ask any of the airline or airport folks they will guide you.

So far not too bad, I drive B to Woodland Hills about 45 minutes. B is on the phone the whole time and almost every third word is sh*t, and sh*t, that sh*t... Hey I can swear with the best of em but 45 minutes straight and sh*t when I am in heavy traffic and sh*t is well sh*tty...
B hasn't said a word to me the whole trip when at highway speed...
B: take this exit (I am passing the exit at about 65 and I am not in the exit lane)
Me: I will get off at Shoup it says 4 mins to your house.
B: Are you trying to tell me that don't know how to get my house?
Me: if you want to give me directions Ma'am please get off your phone and tell me much sooner where to go.
B: I can do both, I told you to take that exit....

Cut to a long steep narrow drive way to get to her house.
B: five stars right?
Me: yup
After I inch back down that drive without scratching my car, B got one star and a note to the company to never pair me with B again....
My next pick up three high schools girls from Calabasas HS. Moments later as I am halfway through an intersection one of the three out of the blue:
Turn here! A different one: no don't... Shoot me now...

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Your friend must be a new Uber driver. That's not Uber hell. That's not even close to Uber hell.

That's Uber every day.
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