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If any of you are bored and good with spreadsheets I encourage you to do the same and find out how much Uber is really making. (Not counting booking fees, we already know those are a farce)

48 trips this week (Delivery not counted)

7 trips Uber overcharged pax by more than $1

11 trips Uber undercharged pax by more than $1

On 2 tiny minimum shorties they still overchargedo_O

On 1 tiny minimum shorty they charged less than minimumo_O

Only on one trip did Uber overcharge by more than $10 :mad:

Also on only one trip did Uber undercharge by more than $10:rolleyes:

Had Uber charged an exact 25% : $195.42
Total of upfront Uber Fees: $181.34

Note: no long boost trips to skew numbers only had two little boost trips from LGB

Worse fuber jobs seem to be coming from LAX, generally seem to happen as surge is dropping.

5* new pax seem to be getting charged less (not in any logical discount promo amounts)
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