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I have a pretty simple formula, particularly if I'm going to drive all seven days in a week:


If you drive on Monday and make $53, cross off the 50. If on Tuesday it's $72, then cross off the 70. By week's end, you'll have at least $500 without too much stress. (Yes, I realize you're lucky to make 5 dollars on a Tuesday night. But you get the point.)

Here's another idea:

Say your largest monthly bill is $1,000 for rent. Then drive only long enough to make $250 each week (maybe on the weekends?), AND THEN STOP. Do that all four weeks in a month, and you're living rent-free, hopefully without adding too many miles to your car.

The key here, in either case, is simple: DON'T LET THIS UBER THING TAKE OVER YOUR LIFE!
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