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Which firm do you prefer driving for?

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She has the same type of neck as actress Sandra Bullock. In fact this girl kind of resembles a young Sandra B.
I like Sandra Bullock.

Media uses ethnologist like this to deposed corporate leaders they don't like just like they do governments.

corporate raiders get all the press they need to create corporate insurrection. then they genocide the masses and sell their children's organs
You are just SO CHEERFUL TODAY !

( i think Corporate Raiders quit eating human hearts as general practice around the time of Atilla the Hun)

You guys are incredible. Look closely...
it's emdeplam

I hate Lyft more because they annoy the shit out of me with stuff like their "you missed a ping" bullshit. Yes, yes I did miss that ping... AND I DID IT ON PURPOSE! Hahahaha! Screw them. (From a Lyft 4.99 driver)

So is that your FINAL Answer ?
1 - 5 of 91 Posts
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