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Full story: https://m.sfgate.com/technology/bus...-more-than-5-000-miles-with-Uber-13345975.php

On the surface, there may not appear to be much of a difference between Uber and Lyft.

But there are more subtle differences only an ethnographer might notice, and even then, only after riding more than 5,000 miles with ride-hailing drivers across the United States. That's exactly what Alex Rosenblat, a researcher at the Data & Society Research Institute, did for her new book "Uberland: How algorithms are rewriting the rules of work," which was published October 23.

Most of the subtle differences, the ones only a seasoned driver or rider might take account of, all come down to how the respective companies treat their drivers. Despite a number of pushes to classify drivers as employees - and thus entitle them to things like a minimum wage, insurance, and benefits - both Lyft and Uber still consider them independent contractors.

"Among most drivers I meet in person, and the countless number I've observed in online forums," writes Rosenblatt, "there is a near-universal consensus that Lyft treats its drivers better than Uber."
1 - 1 of 91 Posts
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