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Which firm do you prefer driving for?

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I haven't liked that Lyft hasn't been showing the distance/ETA on ride requests for a few weeks now, but (knock on wood) they haven't managed to dupe me into ridiculously long pax pickups. In the same time, Uber has sent me numerous absurb 15-20 min/7-9 mile+ ride requests.

And unlike Uber, Lyft is actually willing to consider the driver's side of disagreements, view dashcam footage, and consider the possibility of unfair ratings.

And I know for a fact that Lyft does actually remove shitty passengers from the app. With Uber, I had to be surprised by a ride request from a passenger a month after I was informed by them that not only would we be unpaired but that they would be removed from the app.

For even minor driver issues, Lyft also just seems to be slightly more easily accessible.

That's just been my experience.
1 - 1 of 91 Posts
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