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This is by far my favorite Uber ride I've ever accepted...

So last night I happened to turn on Uber on my way home from my full-time job. I had a request from our small jet airport in small city, Wisconsin. I get out of the car to help these pax with their bags and right away I get the comment "you're not my Uber driver, are you?!" This is nothing new being a 24 year old, female, Uber driver. I said yes, and we all get in the car. We drive to these pax hotel and it was no secret that these are some big-wigs. As soon as we pull up to the hotel, pax 1 realized he forgot an important bag at the airport. I offer to bring him back as the other 2 pax stay behind. We get to talking and I find out he just flew in on his private jet for a meeting for the night and this bag he forgot had loads of cash in it (by loads I mean 10's of K's) and other high valuables.

I being my joyful and optimistic self assure him he has nothing to worry about. He was astounded at how kind I was and ended up offering for me to fly to NY with them the next day after we fly to Vegas to get married... unfortunately I had to work the next day at my FT job. Also, I wouldn't hop on some stranger's plane. I learned he was a CEO of a nation-wide company. Low and behold, his bag is at the airport and we get going back to the hotel; he checks all of his belongings and then shows me his awesome gold coins that were in this bag.

He asked about me and cost of living in small city, Wisconsin. Then he hands me $500 cash and right away I just said, "I can't accept this" but he pushed and said that my kindness and "beauty" were all worth it. I know this $500 was chump-change to him but to me it was a months rent.

Moral of the story, be joyful, be kind, you never know how your ride will turn out and how you can impact others. I've had nice tips before but this was one for the books! Best decision I've made was to drive Uber.


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If you knew the town;
My guess is LaCrosse WI ?
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BUT, Uber support is 100% behind you and regrets #youtoo had to experience such uncomfortable pressure after telling him NO. Rider's account will be reviewed to determine if they continue access to the platform.

hey big spender!!!

Best decision I've made was to drive Uber
And definitely to not fly away with rich CEO and marry into his money without having to sign a pre-nup
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