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A Lot Of Rides To The Middle Of Nowhere! WTH

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I'm not sure how Uber does it, but I think I'm in the data base as going to a certain spot, a LONG way away, without a chance for getting a trip to come back to the hot spots.

This happen on 5 trips just last night! Here am, in the heart of the city, waiting for a ping. I get one, and it takes me me about 6 miles out of the city. No worries, I'll take it. I drive back to the "hot spot" again, and PING.....another ride to the same apartment complex, 6 miles away. Now, the apartment complex is in BFE, and even if I stage there, I would have missed all the hot spot activity. So, this driving back and 4th 5 times last night, really ate up a long of time, not to mention every time I went out there, I would get another PING about 15 minutes away, in the complete opposite direction from the city. I wasn't going to take the chance to drive all that way, just for a 3 mile ride to the Piggly Wiggly.

Now granted, I did drive earlier this week and took a pax to this same apartment complex about 4pm on Wed. It's the 1st time I've ever been out to that place (ever before I started rideshare). Now, all the sudden, it seems that all my trips went out that way.

Then, at 2am, as I was driving back from this place and was going home, so I drove through the hot spot in town. A lot of people coming out of a local bar (a lot of college kids who live 1-2 miles away) and a $1.75 surge going on, I figured I can get about 3 or 4 real quick trips in the next half out, rack up $25, and head on home. I get my first ping. Guy gets in, 15 miles the total opposite directions of where I'd be heading to go home! WTF! I'd take that guy home, then have to head back with no chance for another ping.

I just don't know what I did to make Uber pick me for this trips!
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I'd much rather get a long trip over short ones. Six miles?! ?

A few good long trips and I'm done earlier. And I save on gas because they're usually highway miles.
Don't think I could say the same....I had a 40 minute $31 trip on Friday evening. No way I am making that in 6 short $3 surge trips.
Absolutely. And I've actually finished long trips to discover that I also drove through a surge and it applied to my next trip.

When I see the 45+ minute warning, I say "heck yeah!" ? My car gets around 44 mph highway, the pay is decent, and if it's long enough I just quit for the night after. Had one that was around $100 with tip, good enough!
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Deadmiles though ...
True. But the last two times I actually had trips going back to roughly where I live. And not with DF.

You are "grounding and pounding" your car being a taxi. Takes a big toll on your brakes.
My brakes are totally shot. Time to drive more so that I can get them serviced :frown:

I actually drove a 10' moving truck all day yesterday that stopped quicker than my Civic. That's bad. ?
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It happens to me alot too. It is what it is.

Just last night about 12:35a.m., I'm almost home, app still on and Ping.
I pull up, and ask him where they're going? He tells me an area ~18mi the opposite way from home. I tell and why and decline, there's a discussion and he was cool with it, not so much his wife.
I cancelled and clicked 'do not charge rider'
Why can't you do that?
I actually did this twice on Friday, only it was because the pickup location was far away. Uber glitched the first time, "three minutes" was actually 30. Called, the pax thanked me for reaching out and I canceled. The second time, I couldn't find a way to the pax because of a road closure. Again, no problem.
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