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So this morning up in Lincoln Park neighborhood in Chicago during a surge I got a ping for Pool. I never really take those but thought what ever I hadn't had a ping for 5mins and the surge on it was 1.9x so I thought lets go with it.

I was gonna pick it up and stop next requests but riders were already added before I even picked up the first one I checked the details on them and the surge on those were 2.0x and 2.1x so I thought hell yea I'm getting that $20 Uber pool incentive for 3 riders.

Anyways I made 2 of my pick ups already and on my way to pick up the 3rd when one of my pax said "are we picking up more than 1 other person?" Jokingly but in somewhat serious manner I said "Yes, this is the new UberPOOL bus" because what I drive is a 2015 Black Chevy Suburban fitting 7 people that you see with livery plates all over Chicago but its my mom's soccer van basically. So one of the pax actually believed it and said "Oh, thank you I'm good I'm just gonna cancel then." He ended up canceling and got out haha then the pax I still had in the car were like "are you serious?" I laughed and said no haha.

Ended up picking up 3 pax and in total 25 min ride to the Loop after all drop offs and made $24 and some change after the trip plus that $20 Uber pool incentive if I do actually get it. Half hour and $44? Uber dream!
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