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Is it just me, or does Postmates seem like the second rate version of food delivery compared to the other platforms available?

They give you very little information on the incoming request, besides the name of the restaurant. No ETA in miles or minutes to pick up, no earnings information, and no information on the ETA or miles to drop off. Kind of like Uber vs Lyft.

So far, out of the three deliveries I've accepted, two have been canceled by the customer or Postmates within a few minutes of accepting, after I've driven a mile or so. I can't seem to contact Postmates in any way to address this issue to see if I can somehow be compensated for this. Feels very very much like Lyft. (Lyft email support will often times simply stopped responding to you and completely ignore you, if they don't agree with what you are requesting.)

Is this the general consensus from you guys who have experienced Postmates?
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