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I had a couple of interesting doubles Thursday evening. Here goes:


The first was a double and picking up both orders at the same sushi restaurant. I've had good luck with that particular restaurant before so I figured I might as well take it. The alert on my phone said $15.53 (including expected tips) for 33 minutes and 11.8 miles. Of course it didn't tell me upfront how much each portion of the delivery was worth, but $15+ looked good to me so I took it. When I got my tips I was pleasantly surprised to see that the two deliveries played out as follows:

Delivery 1: Base of $2.19 + $2.00 tip = $4.19
Delivery 2: Base of $5.34 + $12.64 tip = $17.98

Note that the food was ready immediately when I arrived at the restaurant and traffic wasn't an issue. So this appears to indicate that if a customer later raises their initial tip, UE might let the driver have at least part of the money. That $12.64 tip above had to have been raised. How else could UE have possibly paid only $2.89 total for two other deliveries plus the other tip? I come up with the $2.89 because it is the initial $15.53 promised minus the $12.64 tip for delivery 2. So that looks promising to me. I just assumed that the large tips were gone forever!


The second double was a bit different for me. It said $12.67 with tip included (26 minutes and 9.0 miles) and was from Taco Bell. I saw there was only one order to pickup at Taco Bell, but was immediately looking around for other restaurants in the area to see where the second pickup would be.

It didn't specifically say there were 2 deliveries, but the way they listed the dropoff location(s) (i.e., North Main St. and West Spring St.) I figured it was a double.

Then the app told me to make the delivery before I made the second pickup. I figured perhaps the second customer cancelled and the double turned into a single. Nope. This was $12.67 for a single pickup (no drinks included and not that much food). It was a delivery to a hotel, and I didn't even have to get out of my car to deliver the food to the guy. When it tipped out an hour later it turned out to be a $4.67 delivery plus an $8.00 tip. Not bad for Taco Bell.

I was busy with other stuff most of the day and night on Thursday and didn't do much UE. When all was said and done I worked from 9:27pm to 11:14pm (1 hr. 47 min.) and made $40.84. By the way, I did turn down a bunch of crappy deals before taking the ones I took. I'd guess I turned down 10-12 deals and accepted 5 total deliveries. Two of those that I accepted ended up being $3 cancellation fees.

So I made $22.94/hour on an otherwise fairly quiet Thursday. Also, I drove 32 miles total, so that ended up being $1.28 per mile driven. I wish all midweek days could be like this. I'd work a lot more if they were.
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