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A beer and a burger

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I"m going to Mt. Charleston next Sunday Monday and Tuesday to get out of the heat. I'll be McWilliams campground. Tent camping and doing a bit of hiking as much as I can with my now fat ass (but losing it) Anyone want to come out and sit around for some bbq and a beer is welcome. This is on the Lee Canyon side. finally getting my wife to camp so this is a practice run for her. Open to anyone even if you don't like me, lol.
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Oooh, I'd love to but I'm on the schedule at Walmart those days and then driving the imaginary limo in the evening :rolleyes:
Wish you luck though.
Probably couldnt' keep up anyway, lol

Uber forum is so comical. Love it
Imagine how comical it would be in person. Comeon get out of this joke called Las Vegas for a afternoon
Look at the cry baby. Comical as ever. Do you get pay for being a comedian
Yeah my pay is watching you try to string a sentence together. So you coming out to the forest or are you scared. I know most of you are too old and need someone to change your diapers. I have a shower with hot water and a bathroom tent. Just bring a replacement diaper
Where are you performing. Maybe I can donate the proceeds to your retirement. Many comedy clubs in town. You sure can't retire on your Uber minimum wages
I told you I'm in the mountains for 3 days and 2 nights. I'll be performing till the beer runs out or the fire goes out.
The always helpless and vulnerable woman, me, owns and drives a 32 ft class A motorhome, car in tow, ALL BY MYSELF!
Imagine that Lucky!
Many women drive RV's We have a 40ft. 5th wheel but rv and camping in a tent is two different animals you know. She probably would have gone camping with me in the past but I only camp when I'm out in my jeep rock crawling which is a bit hard on her. Heck where I go it's hard on anyone's body. I see many of my facebook friends in Moab Utah this week so I wanted to feel better which only a campfire can do.
I'm quite familiar with the differences.
I grew up tent camping. One summer I spent 8 straight weeks tent camping with my kids in Kings Canyon National Park. I was assisting the rangers with black bear awareness.
I also spent five months walking barefoot in the rain forest in Costa Rica. Doesn't quite fit your stereotype of women do it?
Why would you walk barefoot in the rainforest? I watch that guy on tv, forget the name. He walks around barefoot on all the shows, don't understand that. But all in all you sound like a fun person.
1 - 6 of 17 Posts
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