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A beer and a burger

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I"m going to Mt. Charleston next Sunday Monday and Tuesday to get out of the heat. I'll be McWilliams campground. Tent camping and doing a bit of hiking as much as I can with my now fat ass (but losing it) Anyone want to come out and sit around for some bbq and a beer is welcome. This is on the Lee Canyon side. finally getting my wife to camp so this is a practice run for her. Open to anyone even if you don't like me, lol.
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The always helpless and vulnerable woman, me, owns and drives a 32 ft class A motorhome, car in tow, ALL BY MYSELF!
Imagine that Lucky!
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Many women drive RV's We have a 40ft. 5th wheel but rv and camping in a tent is two different animals you know. She probably would have gone camping with me in the past but I only camp when I'm out in my jeep rock crawling which is a bit hard on her. Heck where I go it's hard on anyone's body. I see many of my facebook friends in Moab Utah this week so I wanted to feel better which only a campfire can do.
I'm quite familiar with the differences.
I grew up tent camping. One summer I spent 8 straight weeks tent camping with my kids in Kings Canyon National Park. I was assisting the rangers with black bear awareness.
I also spent five months walking barefoot in the rain forest in Costa Rica. Doesn't quite fit your stereotype of women do it?
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Why would you walk barefoot in the rainforest? I watch that guy on tv, forget the name. He walks around barefoot on all the shows, don't understand that. But all in all you sound like a fun person.
To connect directly with the electromagnetic impulses of the earth. They call it grounding. There are health, mental and spiritual benefits. Look it up. :)
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