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"That's right, Toonces-the-cat. For a limited-time, invite a friend to drive with Uber and take home $100 extra, on top of your standard $500 referral reward."

I am sure by now you have all gotten the e-mail with promises of easy money. Each friend you refer will ultimately impact your income. At first, you will get a boost. That is if your friend drives like a madman and completes 75 trips. Hopefully Uber will honor its' promise. $500.00 is great especially if you don't have to do anything except refer a friend to get it. How ever think about those times when you have complained that it is slow or there is no more surge. The more people that drive the less demand for drivers. It hurts us all. So think about it before you rush to the land of illusion. Your reward will come back to haunt you.

The rules to get the extra cash.

Get started early! The $100 additional reward is only valid for the first person you invite to drive who signs up by March 25, 2017 and completes 75 trips in Los Angeles by April 8, 2017

Please allow up to one week after your friend completes 75 trips to see your additional $100 reflected on your pay statement. Your additional reward will be added as a separate miscellaneous payment from the standard referral reward payment

Remember, terms vary by city, so if the friends you invite sign up to drive in a city other than Los Angeles, the standard referral reward and minimum number of required trips may be different

This offer is only for driver-partners who directly received this message
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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