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  1. Play Music from a Station with language you nor the passenger understand. Always Play it Loud!
    Examples: Fairchild Radio FM 88.9 or CMR 101.3 FM
  2. Temperature: Setup the temp in the car to 20% higher than outside. 30 Celsius outside? the car should be set for 36 Celsius and if you got seat warmers go ahead and turn them on.
  3. Order off eBay or Amazon the following:
    Shock Pen: You go to attempt to press it and it shocks you
    Shock Gum: You go to attempt to pull it and it shocks you
    Shock Lighter: PAX needs a lighter? sure thing here you go shock yourself
    This should let them know Uber is a taxi not a washroom attendant at your service.
  4. Fart Spray: Annoying passenger in the car? just one spray and they will ask to leave in seconds!
  5. During Uber Pool Ride Pickups for the 2 minute countdown just lay on the horn, This works big time!
  6. When PAX have conversations just jump in and start adding to it or laughing uncontrollably.
If I missed any please add them below.
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