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.5 mile trips

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Yesterday I got two back to back trips for .5 miles!! Uber charged them $3 min fare. I started my strike after that. I'm so tired of passengers saying " oh I'm just going up the street." If your fn trip is not even $5 at least you give a tip omg I'm done!! Thank you uber for what started out as a fun job where I was bring in $1500 a week to a total hassle. Everyone needs to STRIKE. Uber has made their billions, and they still are being cready.
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Yeah Saferide would include knowing the destination and not being told turn..... now! Dang you missed it one star for you
I did and I corrected it. That's what the Edit features for seriously dude you shouldn't hang on every post I mean within 2 or three seconds you've already posted your reply and what is it snarky
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