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.5 mile trips

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Yesterday I got two back to back trips for .5 miles!! Uber charged them $3 min fare. I started my strike after that. I'm so tired of passengers saying " oh I'm just going up the street." If your fn trip is not even $5 at least you give a tip omg I'm done!! Thank you uber for what started out as a fun job where I was bring in $1500 a week to a total hassle. Everyone needs to STRIKE. Uber has made their billions, and they still are being cready.
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So you make $1.20? I hate the"I am only going down the road" like that is a winning fare for us. If you are getting ready to exit, just be honest with these people. Of course, lower their so important star ratings so hopefully other drivers will be passing on her.
At this point I don't know what I make. It wasn't until I read another post about them raising SRF. I never got an email, but I noticed on my statement they took out $21 in SRF when I only did 14 rides. It should of been $14 in SRF. They are crooks that's why I only drive a couple hours a week, but not anymore. I make better off standing on the corner at least I can make my own prices
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When taking an Uber is cheaper that taking the bus, what kind of clientele did you expect?
That's why knowing their destination b4 would cut down on this nonsense
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I just bumped the thread. Look for "Waybill destination hack".
Ok thanks ☺
Apparently the destination data is already in the "ping" info, it's just not displayed by the driver app.

Some smart guy figured out how to show you guys the data. If Uber had their shit together they could stop this, but I doubt they will.
So riders are required to enter their drop off location when they request? I get a lot of people who say I'll just tell you, and I'm like no I need a physical address
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