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48 hrs. Over 100 dollar fare. 3 messages to support. No response....

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Anyone else have this happen recently?

Drove a pax on a long trip. Was surged too. My cut is over 100. Its been 3 days. Still shows as zero dollars. Ive sent 3 messages. Zero response...

If im not getting paid my low wages im quitting right now.... ridiculous... have spent my ti.e and effort trying to fix this...
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Reply back to the email that Uber sent you when they notify us about our pay for the week.
It will show, probably sometime today. Its frustrating as hell, we've all dealt gone through it but they will pay.
I know it's frustrating. As other advised, be patient!
Verify extact trip details from partners.uber.com
It should be there under summary...
Don't be worry it will show Monday don't be stressed. Same happend with me just drive take care
Ok if it happens here and there but gets fixed thats fine... i was told 48 hrs and i expected it to be done in guess what? 48 hrs.... is that unreasonable? 48 hrs is a hell of a long time....
Uber should not put 48 hrs if it might not be done in 48 hrs.... make sense or what?
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They will be add that money when they generate weekly statement that will be Monday
Ok so i check online. Not through my app and its there and good. There is a disconnect between the app and the online dashboard. Apologizes regardless if its my fault. Uber did their job. There is an issue with the app...
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