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In the 78 session of the Nevada Legislature and the rule making process done by NTA prior to the approval of TNC operations in Nevada numerous people spoke in support for the return of Uber.

In Mr. Breslow presentation to the Senate Committee on Transportation last Thursday the number of TNC stickers given out to TNC drivers have increase to 58,000 in the state of Nevada. The breakdown of the number of drivers working for each platform in Nevada is currently not available.

On Thursday this week the Assembly Committee on Transportation has another meeting with the TA and NTA perhaps Mr Breslow will supply more data at that time as one Senator did ask for additional data in last Thursday meeting.

Looking at the budget for the NTA the 32 member team must be very busy to keep up with all the work that TNC operations give them. With a 200% plus increase in citations last year alone for TNC drivers breaking the law. It is a vast amount of work for a tiny agency.

The former Chairman of the NTA told the Sunset Subcommittee that 19,000 TNC stickers had been given out in Nevada at that time last year in the fall.

The turnover of Uber drivers in America is massive. 11% of Uber drivers do not last one month. A quarter of all Uber drivers working currently have not worked 4 months. 58% of Uber drivers do not last one year. That data comes from Uber's own economist and at that time the UberX price was far higher than today. Many UberX drivers working today do not know that on September 15, 2015 the first day of the relaunch of Uber in Las Vegas the price per mile was $1.80 a mile. A walk in the park to make money back then.

Uber and Lyft have not testified yet in the Senate & Assembly Committee on Transportation in the 79th session of the Nevada Legislature.
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