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Newark airport is loaded with @ least 4-5 cops at arrivals looking into cars with what I guess window/vent mounts with Uber Phone and also saw one flashlight the rear passenger seating to my guess is Chargers/water/mints all signs you are UBER. Also that PA Suv goes in so many circles most likely zoning in with license plate reader. My method of attack which I believe some tech savvy Uber drivers are using as I was hanging by the 711 is Fake your location to get a Ping (Saw a few cars on pax app just sitting as I was on the terminal remotely close by ) and Instruct PAX on the Go where to meet you Preferably at non arrival area.
I have a very simple rule I follow about ewr if I have one pax I go for it with one backpack or small bag anything more than that I refuse the ride.
I had a pick up the other day to go to ewr mother/ grandmother / and baby plus 3 suitcases stroller chair I got there for pick up I saw the situation and I said sorry my phone just flip out I lost the connection and I can't get back into the app sorry but you have to call another uber and I drove away
I waited down the block to see who showed up and after 7 min I saw this Honda CR-V ( green) with an older guy driving it ( 60's) and I said poor bastard hope you don't get the cops at the airport
The guy looked Latino the females going to ewr were from Haiti hardly spoke any English good luck trying to explain that to pa imagine how long it took them to get out of that car and get going baby grandmother mother stroller chair 3 suitcases lol not me buddy I'm in I'm out under 20 seconds pull up phone out the way pax already knows what to do pull to curb open door get out grab your bag move on I'm out not coming back around to circle just to be seen again no I'm out there move on
I did have a couple from Hoboken the other day I had the guy sit in the front wife in the rear drive up to curb I jumped out went to the back grabbed both suitcases dropped them at the curb shake his hand hug the wife and wish them a nice vacation to wine country the guy (very cool indeed) replied thanks for ride the bbq was great last night can't wait to come back and have me and my wife over for dinner " say hi to the kids" has he walked away
I got in the truck and drove off under a minute right next to a pa van with tinted windows who knows who was inside
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