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I always rate everyone a 5 no matter what. Uber is a job and why would I want to tick off passengers by rating them low. You have to face reality that you are not always going to get 5 stars on every trip.

1) The person may never give a 5.
2) The person might just be having a bad day.
3) The person might accidentally hit the wrong star button and submit and then its too late to change.
4) You may have made a mistake in driving or a comment you said or an odor in the car.
5) ...and this is the one that hurts me the most....you drive during a price surge and the fare is very expensive...most surge passengers rate you down because they didn't realize how much uber was going to charge. This is called the pi**ed off rating.
You take too long coming out your rated this way
5 minutes gets a 4
5-8 minutes gets a 3
Anything over 8 gets you a 1
If you slam the doors that's 1-3 depending on your attitude
Leaving garbage 1 no question about it next pax would down rate me as soon they walk in
Touching my stereo without asking 1
If they smell 1
I try not pick up pax in laundry mats , supermarkets because too much crap with them that's 3.
Wrong address for pick up 1
No tip 4 if I did not mention tipping
No tip 3 if I mention tipping
No tip 1-2 if I mention tipping and it's a long ride for pick up 12-20 minutes after I call you to confirm how far I am do you still want me to drive to pick you up or try to call another driver
Any combination from the above its automatic a 1
Supermarkets you ask me to get your groceries in to the car and then out of the car no tip 1 with tip 3
I'm not a pea pod or fresh direct for home deliveries lol
If more drivers would follow simple rules like I do we as a group would make a lot more money because pax need to be trained in how to tip us since uber tells them that no need for tipping they automatic assume tip is included
I had a recent run from Hoboken to ewr and when I was getting closer to ewr I started the conversation about tipping this lady lol went into freak show how dare you ask me for additional tip if tip is already included 20% she says wow what a joke I ask her if uber told her that she says yes
I did want problems at ewr so I did not say much more just finish by saying mam tipping is not mandatory but customary and apreciated but you don't have to by the way it's not included next time you have a chance email uber and ask them if it's included 20% for tip lol
I just wanted to get out of there pa on patrol
And for the ones that say sorry mr I'm out of cash I say no problem I accept credit/debit cards You guys should try this app square it's really useful for assholes with no cash lol
Keep on ubering
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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