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Today was a really bad day for me, I missed 3 exits with 3 different pax, not one of my best days, but on the other hand I handed out 1* and 3* like candies, one was a couple from Hoboken to penn station newark, well the guy knew better than the gps and guided me, the only problem was that he guided me to jersey city, when we finally made it to penn station both of them slammed my door, they immediately got 1*, 2 more were door slammers and got 3*, another was a birch that when I asked to confirm her destination, she just said "whatever", when we arrived to her destination I said have a nice day, and she again said "whatever" I gave a 2*, and 1more guy that when I asked him to confirm his destination, he just said, yeah yeah just drive. He got 4* only because he didn't slammed my door.
Very good. Don t forgive pax. I give 4* just for not responding me back with HELLO!!! People who are demanding and act like a boss they get 3/2* and the idiots get 1*. Many pax DON T EVER GIVE 5 * even if everything was perfect. We don t need stupid pax they are the cheap ones anyway. 5$ rides and no tip
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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