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So here is the guarantee for this weekend - so it looks like there's no need to actually get rides, as long as you accept 80 percent of the ones you do get and complete the "majority" (so....51 percent?) of them.

Maybe I'll hang out at the beach during a slow time and hope for no pings.

It'll be another busy summer weekend in Portland!
UBER is guaranteeing $22/hour during peak hours from Friday (8/29) to Sunday (8/7) this weekend. Opt-in below and don't miss out on HUGE earnings with UBER!

Eligibility requirements:
- Opt-in using the form below by Sunday at 4pm
- Accept 80% of requests during the promotional period
- Complete the majority of trip requests
- Be online for a total of at least 1.5 hours during a promotional period*

Information on how payments will be calculated can be found here: https://newsroom.uber.com/hourlypromotions/

* Required
Incentive Details
Guaranteed amount: $22/hour average gross fares
*Promotional Periods:
Friday, August 5th: 5pm - 2am (Period 1)
Saturday, August 6th: 12pm - 2am (Period 2)
Sunday, August 7th: 12pm - 10pm (Period 3)

Location: Portland, Maine and the surrounding area (t.uber.com/PortlandArea)


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they screwed me over with not paying me anything for the first weekend. I finally got a reply today after 6 emails to support asking for proof that I had opted in. I luckily had taken a screenshot. wonder what will come of it. so for weekend #2 I didn't take it easy as I had during weekend #1 and went full out using uber and lyft and made well over the minimum per hour anyway. **** uber! Really hoping for no promotion this weekend so their are less drivers.
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