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On one another pax requested a ride. My Pax said NO WAY.
Upon arrival, but before you start the trip, you ask the passenger if he ordered Uber Pool. If he replies in the affirmative, you ask him if he understands what Uber Pool is and what it does. If he answers that he does, you say "Good, then you understand that you might have to share the vehicle.".

If the passenger balks at any of the above, or does not understand, you explain it to him. If he still balks or does not want to share the vehicle, you tell him to cancel and order UberX. If he balks, you tell him to get out. If he balks again, you call the Police.

This has happened to me on Uber Pool a few times. I have had passengers threaten to one star me if I accept any more passengers. Those people leave the vehicle immediately. If you do not start the trip, the customer can not rate you.

Problems occur more frequently on Lyft Line. There, most of the passengers do not understand what happens on Lyft Line. Most of them tell me that they ordered it "because it is the cheapest". (They, actually, are cheaper, but.............). Once I explain to them what happens, they do not want to share and cancel. Still, under no circumstances do you accept a U-Pool/LL passenger or start a trip until you are sure that he understands what U-Pool and LL do.
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