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2 parking tickets in less than a week

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Got a ticket in westwood loading a passenger in red zone.... meter maid came up and did not even tell me i was getting a ticket.... lesson learned..... went out last friday ....new attitude be careful when picking up and dropping off people..... 3rd ride was on 7th and hope near starbucks was looking for a place to park temp was reversing on side with hazards on. Up pulls up a metermaid and before i have a chance to react he gets out and starts writing my plate number..... serious.... just a second in the red..... i read online about how corrupt la parking enforcement is.....what i got was a gotcha ticket..... really. How can they sleep at night....anyone have any thoughts?
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That is the general meaning yes. A Euphemism. That said, one of the most purely parasitic/vampiric jobs in the known universe, is the meter maid. It serves the primary purpose of sucking money from other people for the city.
Hey bro this is not liveleak, keep your racist comments to yourself.
An ex cop told me stopping in red was legal, unless there's a no stopping at any time sign that's visible. Parking obviously is illegal. It may be different in each city, I guess.
So do you drop and pick people up from red painted curbs if you don't see a sign? Do any of you guys refuse to stop in those areas? Cause that could ding your ratings.
You not very creative for saying they stole ur plates.
Paint plates plasti dip just front ones. Take a pic. Take plasti dip off. Put plates away period.
Rarely they pull u for no front plates.
If they do tell them someone spray painted and show them pic. Tell them u get new ones at the dmv.
Even if they give u fix it ticket no big shit. 20 dollars.
But now with bike rack on the back that covers ur plates and no front ones u will save billions and parking those picture tickets shit. And more if u think about it
Have over 9000 rides. Been doing same shit since 3 week of driving. Been pulled over twice. And said have a good day one gave a ticket. Saved millions on toll fees
Clean your car man. Also, lyft pax must be very generous with the rating, cause you would have to be damn near a perfect driver to earn a 4.98 rating.
1 - 3 of 49 Posts
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