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i got one of those ticket where the meter maid just comes up behind you to get a plate and then runs off

a few weeks after i paid it i read something on here that they can't do that anymore

they have to tell you something or give you a chance to move

might be worth fighting
2 Christmases ago I was parked on a side street right by Sunset to go to Chase Bank ATM....I put in a quarter for 6 minutes, and when I cam out this meter maid was just pulling up.

Me: I'm moving

Him: Too late, I already started writing

Me: You weren't even parked yet

Him (Walking up to my car): I could have given you 2 tickets for not having wheels turned out on a hill

Me: Seriously? That's the Christmas spirit

Him: It doesn't matter what day it is

Me (right before flooring it): Work for it a'hole, do research and mail me the effen ticket.

I don't think anything is more infuriating than this crap.

Beware for those that think low taxes are an answer to anything.

Government will get their revenue.
1 - 1 of 49 Posts
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