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Today three riders had employment problems, one worked in a small team of about 10, 3 were cut and 2 had hours drastically reduced, another rider was in hospitality and was frantically ringing around his friends and coworkers to see who was cut, another rider was an Irish dental assistant who will be forced to take her holidays and thus has to cancel a pre organised visit home

Then there is us, caught between being on the dole and working for wages, the truly unloved who get nothing from anyone yet bear all risks and expenses.

So was thinking why can't we get a minimum 2 month extension , on any bill due on request or ideally across the board . Italy has allegedly suspended bills and mortgages.

Why should the utility companies who have essentially a monopoly over a once public asset not bear some of the costs of this Act of God?

So anyways I wrote an email to the media manager of AGL and CC in a reporter and my local MP.

if you have a spare minute please consider doing same

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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