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Crest Hill Mobil,
Rte 53 (Broadway) & Theodore

Sky Tree Line Cloud Gas
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Blank is Half doing at Crest Hill?
And I damn sho ain't seen anyone yackin bout "ants" lately.

For the few I see, a whole new feeling runs over me.

Do you have on a mask? Do you wipe after every ride?

Providing most the benefits of doubt. ...

I then also think - brave, courageous, essential.

Thank you
Crest Hill is my neck of the woods. Not my hood but my neck of the woods. I got there after providing rides to Frankfort, Tinley Park, Oak Lawn, Auburn-Gresham, The Godfrey Hotel, blah blah then out to Bolingbrook and as always, when approaching home turf I consult Gas Buddy for the best price on all possible routes toward home.

If it was nicer weather, I sure would have liked to sneak a walk along the lakefront or maybe just about anywhere in the Loop...for the city vibe.

No to the mask, yes to the wipe--quick swipes at a stop sign or pull-over which probably endangers my life more than saving others.

When riding back of my older brother's Harley, decades back, bikers give a little wave to one another. Same on hiking (biking) trails. Rideshares are too numerous to do that, but I am waving on the inside....and cursing (competition!!!!)
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Just think, in a couple years, some kind of superbug goes around and only those who had Covid-19 are immune. The others' nipples all shrivel up, their noses turn into beaks and and their feet become tentacles.

Of course Trump, Fauci and Birx will have hell to pay. Maybe one of them will have hell toupe.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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