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Crest Hill Mobil,
Rte 53 (Broadway) & Theodore

Sky Tree Line Cloud Gas
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Blank is Half doing at Crest Hill?
And I damn sho ain't seen anyone yackin bout "ants" lately.

For the few I see, a whole new feeling runs over me.

Do you have on a mask? Do you wipe after every ride?

Providing most the benefits of doubt. ...

I then also think - brave, courageous, essential.

Thank you
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I relish the opportunity to back tag an 80s post. That sounds about right. Oil will break a buck along the 100 thousand dead mark. And we will not be out of the woods for years.

Yeah, I know
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Ol Half Half of this half ...half of the other. @Halfmybrain

I'm glad you are fighting the good fight. Lots of underpaid and little appreciated workers are perplexed by their new "essential" designation.

Being a pompous, condescending old man, please forgive, but you are missing something. Something big.

If you have been providing rides, throughout all of this, then either you got sick long ago, recovery without notice and your body is fighting the virus off nicely. Can't touch this.


You are an asymptomatic carrier and I shutter to think.

No judge, regardless.

What I hope to bring forth in your mind is just because you cake walk through the first iteration, by no means, means you are in the clear.

Viruses mutate. Adapt and hang out a while way down south and come back.

The exact habits of doing what you already know you are supposed to do are tedious and cumbersome.

Wipe like you are superman and you are tasked to save the world. Make a mask. Wear it.

See, it really is all about you. (Finally, eh)

You are training your self to be a good citizen in the new world. Retooling habits and instinct
Nothing is more important. You wipe everything all the time primarily to teach your brain not to touch anything. At home and abroad.

You don't do it because you fear today, you do it for a better tomorrow.

Like the Gov said, look around. Pick the people you think deserve to die.

Or not.
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1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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