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03/11/2020 Wednesday Uber

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Did a 3 person Uber Pool from Parker Rd Station in Plano. Then had a ride from Chase Oaks near Legacy Dr to Forest Lane near I-635. I have not gotten a ping since then its been 45 minutes. I waited near Walnut Hill Ln for a bit then headed back to near Coit and I-635 and have been here 15 mins already wirhout anything. I have a regular job and Uber is extra money but I feel bad for full time drivers who do Uber full time. First of all Uber is not meant to be your full time job but hey everyone has a right to live as they like not mad at it. Is this going to be normal Uber driving until a vaccine ia found or the virus is contained?
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I didn't get a single ping on Uber tonight. But they updated the software requiring a second touch to turn the damn thing off. I'm like "WTF for?" Pfft.
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