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►Vandalism or Violence?

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Recently had ( 3 ) nails spiked into my rear tires,... stopped in at QuikTrip to drain a kidney and, grab some lunch,... -came out with two flat tires.

Has anyone else in Phoenix had this problem?

Random Vandalism?

A Bad Apple from one of the other Cab companies in/around Phoenix?

...or, another Uber Driver who's pissed that I was using his toilet?

Keep an eye on your ride people !!!
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►...just filed another Police Report. -I was driving a passenger to the airport and BOTH front tires blew on the SR-51 heading southbound today. Upon closer inspection by DPS and the Tow Truck Operator, there were two nails in the front left tire and, 3 nails in the front right tire. I was told, I would have better odds at Powerball than having BOTH tires blow at the same time.

►...I'd hate to think, some a-hole driver(s) from one of the Cab companies in/around the valley has anything to do with this?
►I've officially gone through all 4-tires in 3 weeks time :-(
►and YES. I did buy a Powerball ticket today :-D
I would install a camera system at home as this seems a neighbor from hell issue
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