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Dude really Im on the highway no shoulders doing 65 miles an hour, 3 minutes from my pick up. Common!!!! Ya Fuber we gotta work on the “selfie” thing. It seems like it always asks you at the most weird situations. It would make too much sense to send them when we are empty, parked, and not 2 blocks from picking up a pax.

Next time I get it I’m going to send them a DICK PIC. To see what happens. Let me know what happens if you try this.
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It's an algorithm request. It can request it at anytime, and it will tell you to pull over when its safe to do so.
Thanks @UberPete1911.. mr. pork apparently thinks I right a lot of bs, he must be an ? that doesn't use his brains and doesn't pay any attention to his " business" it's ok Mr. pork just press and go. Let the other people who know how to do shareride the right way respond to my posts. Thanks
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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