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  1. Toronto (Ontario)
    https://travelingformiles.com/uber-drivers-playing-annoying-games-at-london-heathrow/ Uber Shuffle at Heathrow Airport Anyone try to do the Bengali Shuffle at YYZ. How has destination discrimination been working out for you? Have you been banned or cancelled due to this game?
  2. Toronto (Ontario)
    Which one of you MFers did this?! In all seriousness hope theyre ok.
  3. Toronto (Ontario)
    Hey guys I just noticed on my lyft map that the so called staging zones for airport are marked out with blue borderlines. And it is even showing the queue of how many drivers are waiting. So I got curious and looked it up online, and I am getting contradictory results so far. Here it says Lyft...
  4. Toronto (Ontario)
    Hi, I'm new to user select. I decided to go to Pearson airport to try it over there. I don't know where should I wait and how long does it take to get a request?. I kept driving around and it took like forever to receive Select request and at the end I have received an uberx inside the airport...
1-4 of 4 Results