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  1. Washington DC
    Mine so far is $28 surge. It was XL ONLY and was the perfect combination of Baseball game ending, Kennedy center ending, and rain passing through, plus late nights got crowd going out.. The perfect storm.
  2. Washington DC
    XL only was surging up to $29.. Right after the rain and Nats & Kennedy Center let out... I got a $28 surge but no rides for 20 minutes.. but I was patient and eventually got this beauty. $36.83 for 1.42 mile trip.. $28 in surge.. and BEST YET.. Uber LOST almost $21!!!
  3. Kansas City
    Happy Holidays and Happy 2018! Two weeks ago I posted a thread with the title "Need to buy a car, how profitable is Uber Select - daytime/weekdays?" The consensus seems to be that it's not very busy, not consistent,so I'm considering buying a minivan with the intent to drive for XL instead...
  4. Sydney
    Uber XL... a growing chunk of my weekend riders choose XL. Some are parties of 4 or less wanting a more comfortable/ spacious ride. These riders are great and the journey is relaxed. The others tend to be ferral groups of 6 in their 20s/30s who are very loud, want to play their music load and...
  5. Pittsburgh
    Hey folks. New driver here. I drive an Acura MDX, and I figured that I'd give Uber a shot since I could take passengers for both uberXL and Premium. I just reached my 25 trips last week so now I'm eligible for the premium riders. I'm wondering if passengers even use the Premium services, let...
  6. Miami
    Is anyone driving LUX only in Miami or Miami Beach? Everyone I know driving LUX is also driving SUV LUX and XL. Some drivers have told me that out of the three platforms, XL is the real bread winner and LUX is basically only for weekends.........hmmmmm....Fact or Fiction?
  7. Dallas
    I've been getting more selective / disciplined to pass on basic rides and wait for XL / Plus rides; of course that results in more Uber timeouts and messages from Lyft e.g. "Passengers rely on drivers to provide a dependable service, and it's important you're there for them. We noticed you've...
  8. Advice
    I finally got email "support" to give me the option to switch to xl only on one of my authorized vehicles. Last night I went online as xl only and didn't get a single ping. I watched the hawks game as I waited, but got nothing. I live in the burbs, but I'm in a heavily populated area. Is this...
  9. Philadelphia
    So right now i drive x and xl and am very against uber pool. And i know i have the ability to ask Uber to driver strictly x OR strictly XL, soooooooo why not request to drive XL ONLY and therefore logistically be unable to take uber pool riders while driving XL. Thoughts from other XL drivers ?
  10. Detroit
    Does anyone have experience in Metro Detroit driving Uber XL only? I am looking to drive only Friday and Saturday evenings. There does appear to be some demand based on XL surging more frequently that the rest; however, I am not naive enough to believe surges actually equate to demand. My...
  11. Connecticut
    I'm new to the forum but have been driving Uber since August '15. I'm on the X and XL platform, but I would like to know if there is a way you can drive for just the XL platform solely.
1-11 of 11 Results