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  1. Los Angeles & Orange County
    I did the Xchange Lease Program for my car. My lease is coming to a close in a few months and curious if anyone's gone through closing out an Xchange Lease? Fair is run by morons so I expect issues. It has, IMHO, "reasonable wear and tear" for having given 6000+ rides. What was the process...
  2. Seattle
    Xchange Leasing paid my initial $275 registration fee last year. Will I have to pay the same amount myself at every one-year renewal?
  3. Los Angeles & Orange County
    My Xchange lease vehicle was repo'ed recently. I was behind on my payments for over two months. I called Fair to surrender the vehicle after defaulting my 1st week, but they rarely answer.
  4. Los Angeles & Orange County
    ANYONE who complies with this is giving up their rights. These actions constitute a breach of contract. DO NOT give away your rights. Talk to an attorney. "As you may already know, the existing lease contracts and vehicles of Uber's Xchange Leasing program have been purchased by Fair. We will...
  5. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Just got this email. DO NOT DO THIS!!! They are trying to shake everyone out so they don't have to settle later when they close down operations: Return your vehicle and get a $450 electronic Visa gift card You have the following option. Return the car, get a $450 electronic Visa gift card...
  6. Washington DC
    Anyone else doing Xchange Lease get a 'survey' seeing if you want to buy out your lease? Part of me wants to if they'll negotiate. Part of me wants to drive the living shit out of it, rack up even more miles, then turn it back with a kajillion miles on it so that they take a bigger bath on it.
  7. Atlanta
    I have a 2015 Jeep Wrangler that I drive on UBER X, the thing is the car eats gas. I got approved for Xchange Leasing at $151 a week for a Toyota Corolla. I hate the thought of being stuck with a $600 bill and the extra insurance every month. But I feel like with my Jeep its hard to really earn...
  8. Vehicles
    Hi Everyone, I leased a car through Uber's Xchange leasing program on May 19th 2016, I sent an email to Xchange leasing saying that i wanted to return the car because the payments are too expensive and its costing to much maintenance, also told them due to all the stuff that has been going on...
  9. Nashville
    So Uber is ending its Xchange Leasing Program, wish it would effect current drivers that have leases through the program. https://www.theverge.com/2017/8/8/16112498/uber-phase-out-xchange-car-leasing-losses
  10. Pittsburgh
    I used to drive for yellow cab in Pittsburgh...key word being "used". The lease was OUTRAGEOUS, after expenses(lease, gas, misc.) I was making exactly nothing. I had heard that uber has a lease program and sure enough I was recently approved for an xchange lease(I don't own a personal...
  11. Advice
    I have considered driving for Uber many times, however I do not own a car. I applied the other night to drive and in turn applied to see if I would get qualified to lease a vehicle. Has anyone else had an experience with Xchange Leasing? I am obviously leary since it would be a lease agreement...
  12. Washington DC
    hi, i was sent an email monday saying they were sending me a refund. the refund was initiated on 3/31 has anyone else received this email? have you received your deposit? thanks
  13. Complaints
    I leased a car thru Uber's Xchange Leasing Program. They never sent a hard tag, Let the car sit for 5 weeks, then repossessed the car and tried to charge me outrageous money to redeem it. Fast Forward 5 months, My son and I are homeless because I couldn't pay my rent and got evicted. Their...
  14. Nashville
    Hi Everyone, was wondering if someone could help me with this, my car is almost paid off, and ive only had it since last May, what i dont understand is why they wont let me pay it all at once, its not that i want to do that, It's just that i am planning on making a $6,000 payment in May and not...
  15. Washington DC
    Is the appeal of Team Camry waning to car dealers? Are they shying away from the Xchange Lease Program? Reason I ask is whenever I log into my Uber dashboard it has a thing about how I'm approved for an Xchange Lease car (even though I've had one for over a year) and to click for list of...
  16. San Diego
    This applies to anyone with an xchange lease: Has anyone taken an xchange lease car south of the border to TJ? This applies to anyone that lives in TJ or crosses to tj on occasion.
  17. Jacksonville
    I quit driving about a year ago when the wear and tear on my car led to repair bills in excess of what I was making. I need a new car now and was thinking of using the Xchange Lease program and driving weekends and a few evenings to pay for it. Maintenance and depreciation are on them, and that...
  18. Complaints
    this xchange lease program is aweful. 680 a month (170 per week) plus over 100 dollars for insurance plus taxes ... I don't know who does this for two years and then buys a car they run into the ground ... then opts to buy the car with a shit ton of miles for 5,000 dollars after that ... but...
  19. Chicago
    Hey guys, I've been trying to do the math on Uber's Xchange lease program, but one big point of uncertainty is how much money it costs a driver to break the lease. Consumerist, the online magazine, says this: "#2. Returning The Car - After 30 days, an Uber driver taking part in the leasing...
  20. Orlando
    Quien esta utilizando el programa de lease en Orlando?
1-20 of 23 Results