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  1. Stories
    I pull up for an X ride. I see 5 girls. I keep the doors locked and just roll down the windows. I try asking how many, but their going right for the door handles. They finally realize they have to talk to me first. I explain to them that they have 5 pax but they only ordered an X. I have an SUV...
  2. Charlotte
    I drive in X line now and am thinking of getting another ride. Looking at Honda pilot or the chev traverse so I can go in to the xl line. Worried about the extra gas and some people that are doing only xl line say they do not get many xl rides in Charlotte.
  3. Advice
    I've been driving for a few weeks and until last night I had the choice of whether to drive as an X or an XL in my Chevy Traverse. I started the night driving XL and after 2 rides I switched to X. When I go to switch back to XL only later, my vehicle choices are identical, 2 Chevys but neither...
1-3 of 3 Results