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  1. London
    Hey everyone, yesterday I got the sign off to start doing Uber Eats food deliveries. I went out for a couple hours at lunch cycling around a lot of central and north London and didn’t get one job. Just wondering if anyone has any advice on best way to get jobs? Is it better to pitch up outside...
  2. Stories
    i am a daydriver because I’m a girl. I pick up my last pax at 7.30 and that’s it. Today I was taken to Torrence in a few drives and put my filter back home to Hollywood. Ping comes in, i drive, only reaslising I was doing a pick up at the Hollywood cassino when I was too close for comfort...
  3. St. Louis
    I would like to share a story about an incident that happened last Friday night. My wife occasionally drives for Uber and last Friday night she dropped off a group of men at a downtown bar. Everyone got out of the car but one of the men who was in the back seat opened the front passenger door...
  4. Washington DC
    Drivers can be passive aggressive too. Just don't do it! Don't lose your cool and be as humorous as you can. It's not worth it. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4528142/Lyft-driver-spits-driver-blows-nose-seat-cover.html