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  1. Toronto (Ontario)
    We got a piddly little 15-20cm. Most of St. John's got 76cm in the same time period. It was a Blizzard inside a Hurricane. I wonder what the SURGE looked like. Toronto, as usual, has it really easy compared to the rest of the country. This is INSANE...
  2. Cleveland & Akron
    This morning, Tuesday January 29th, the freezing temps should invoke surge. I have been watching the map all morning and basically nothing. East Cleveland has shown no surge for the entire morning thus far, Euclid shows no surges thus far, and this is considering the temps and that these areas...
  3. Chicago
    Yaktrax. You won't give a second thought to what surface you're walking on--just take them off when you head indoors.
  4. Toronto (Ontario)
    Anyone got any ideas on keeping the outside of the car as clean and tidy as possible during the thaw-freeze cycles we get here in London??? A daily wash may help - but it's also going to get very expensive, very quickly!
  5. Portland
    Last year in the ice I did exceptionally well. My best week was $3,200 AFTER gas expense. I did it by chasing and working surges. This year some variables have changed. Some advice (take it, or don't): 1. If a surge is +200/3x or greater, and consistent in a very broad area, it is worth...
  6. Providence
    It's been a real grind so far in November. Getting a lot less frequent pings and fewer long trips. Earnings are down about 15% so far. Lots of drivers say November isn't good. So, what do we do to adjust? What are your strategies for getting by during the slow period of winter?
  7. Toronto (Ontario)
    1800$ would get me 3-5 sets of tire. Safety rule if there pants does not cover there backside drive off, If there shoes have a hole in them drive off If you call and they answer yo.dawg cancel. If they say they have a medium sized dog that really means they a wild bear wolf dog mix named...
  8. UberEATS
    I just started UberEats about a month ago. I’m doing it full time (in the Chicago Northwest suburbs) because I have no life and don’t mind it... gets me out of the house. Wondering how it will be during the winter. Has anyone done UberEats during the wintertime? Do more deliveries come...
  9. New York City
    I'm seeing and always see these clueless drivers driving around with dangerously fogged up windows because they don't know how to use the climate control system. All you have to do is set the temperature to 68° or 72° and press AUTO. The system will take care of your fogged up windows and...
  10. Toronto (Ontario)
    Tips for all drivers who plan on working Tuesday's forecast storm. 1. Drive safe and cautious. Added weight means longer stopping distances. 2. REFUSE ALL Pool rides. You will earn more. 3. Logon ONLY when surge appears. ACCEPT ONLY SURGE RIDES. 4. DO Accept longer Rider requests (ETA'S) ONLY...
  11. Los Angeles & Orange County
    there is UBERSKI and the rates are through the roof - we need to rent a chalet next year and be there for this as seen in Sundance
  12. Los Angeles & Orange County
    full time driver A poem by deadmile "Up to $1500 a week you can make." This winter has been a mistake. I wish I could afford a nice steak. sometimes I want to drive my Prius into a lake. A $5000 bonus must be great. Don't spend it all in one place Shakey Jake . Things will get better and I'll...
  13. Toronto (Ontario)
    Just thought I'd write a few mandatory things all drivers should take note of and practice when there are winter storms. Feel free to add anything related to weather events. 1. Never take pool...duh, duh 2. Never take regular uberx, duh 3. Only accept 2x+ fare 4. If not surging, logoff, wait...
  14. Surge
    NO SURGE NO RIDE. If you drive in shit like this for less than a dollar a mile you will get whats coming to you. Seriously the whole region should be at least 3x. **** you Uber **** YOU.
  15. San Francisco
    Waiting out the low ball boost and incentive offers is hard, but I know it is the right thing to do. Does anyone else find themselves trying to rationalize driving for the low ball offers? After all, Winter is Coming and driver supply seems very high. Too bad. I really like driving. fuber
  16. Pay
    After new years Uber will be lowering prices to heat up demand. Now it will be cheaper to use a Uber instead of owning your own car. Rates will be as low as 30 cents per mile. What this means is you as a parnter will be taking more trips per hour therefore maximizing your earnings. So instead...
1-17 of 18 Results