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  1. Technology
    Anyone know how to fix this on an Android? The Uber driver app keeps switching off my WiFi connection on my phone. This happens a few times a day including overnight when I am at home with strong WiFi connection, don't have the app open nor my phone...as I'm asleep. How can I stop this from...
  2. Advice
    My cell carrier is TMobile where I got a SyncUp device that provides WiFi and other cool stuff. Passengers love it and it will also help drivers who pay too much for unlimited data so they can use the app without worries on going over data limits. I hear some other cell phone providers may also...
  3. Technology
    Apple changed what the WiFi off button does in the control panel / pop-up window. That button does NOT turn Wi-Fi off anymore, it just disconnects you from the current Wi-Fi. When you move to another place it will grab any Wi-Fi it sees and of course then hold onto it after it’s gone out of...
  4. Canberra
    When I was collecting a passenger this morning from the Uber lounge at Canberra Airport, I noticed there is now free wifi available there under the designation of 'Uber lounge Canberra Airport'.
  5. Technology
    Wifi attempted connections interfere with cellular data sessions? I'm seeing rideshare drivers report that turning off their phone's wifi makes their cellular data connection "work better", claiming that wifi's incessant attempts to connect to random ( and secured) access points, slows or halts...
  6. Technology
    I learned something today. I was having issues with my wifi turning on every time I would restart the car with my charger plugged in. I would have to manually turn it off every time I started or shut down my engine. I finally found the culprit! Sprint Connection optimizer. It tries to...
1-6 of 6 Results