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  1. Las Vegas
    I'm trying to locate a link that provides information on weekly events in Vegas ( conferences, shows, etc.).. I know that Lyft has updated information for drivers. Does Uber have the same? Thanks!
  2. Lyft
    So I have a quick question about weekly guarantees. I know that they guarantee the drivers that they will make x amount of money if they give y amount of rides (If not, Lyft will cover the remaining differences). Lets say my weekly guarantee was $195 for 20 rides and I have given 20 rides but I...
  3. Toronto (Ontario)
    Any one getting these regularly? :cool::cool::cool::cool: - Do they have a 90% acceptance rate requirement, like the Guaranteed Weekly earnings?:confused::confused::confused::confused:
  4. Los Angeles & Orange County
    So I got a 40 trips for $75 and 60 trips for $110. Does that mean if I complete the 40 trips I'll get $75 and if I do do 20 more rides for 60 I'll get another $110 on top of the $75 for a total of $185 or just the $75 + $35 for a total of $110. Thanx guys.
  5. New York City
    Has anyone rented their car out to other drivers? Do you have to become part of the Uber fleet to do this? According to Uber in NYC, you must create a fleet in order to share your car. I have seen a bunch of weekly rentals available that don't seem to involve a fleet, just checking in to...
  6. Atlanta
    Uber doesn't give me the option for instant pay so I've been using Daily Pay instead. I've been using daily pay for 3 months with no problem then all of a sudden I stop getting paid by them. Uber forced me to change my password 4 times with no explanation so I informed Daily pay of my new one...
  7. Flex
    I would like to know if there is a daily/weekly limit to pick up shifts? I serve the DMI2 warehouse in Miami. Weird thing just happened. They opened a 2nd shift and couldn't see it. My friend was next to me and logged in a minute after than me was able to pick it up. I was refreshing and nothing...
  8. Las Vegas
    How much are you averaging a week? Hours and earnings. Just want to see where I stand. Im averaging $450 in 20 hours between lyft and uber. Vegas drivers only.
  9. Pay
    Hi all, I'm new here, I want to start by UBER (with Uber X) How much $$$ can I make? lets say: 1 Week = 40 hours Please help me with this information. Thank you in advance.
  10. Sacramento
    Hey I was thinking about starting driving for UberX/Lyft in the Sac area. I was hoping some of you could share how many hours you drive a week and how much you make after Uber/Lyft cut, before calculating expenses Thanks for any input!
  11. Sydney
    All, I am new user and in Sydney. Just wondering a couple of things: I have heard that uber is more busy around City. Where do you park in City while you are waiting. As far as I am aware there are almost none free-parking area in Sydney city & apparently we are not allowed to park in the...
1-11 of 11 Results