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  1. Chicago
    For the past two weekends, my Quest challenges have been, Provide 50 rides, get an extra [$40] or [$50]. 50 is a lot to rack up, even with productive Fri & Sat business. I can attain 35 rides (a common weekend Quest) just after Fri & Sat nights. Once in a while a Sunday night is drop-dead busy...
  2. Los Angeles & Orange County
    So i just moved to LA from SF. But I am still getting the SF promotions. I asked Uber cs and they seem to be saying that there is no way to change my original city. I am stuck with no weekly bonus offers for LA?
  3. Los Angeles & Orange County
    I did not receive a boost this weekend is this just me or did everyone else not receive one? I can't see anything on the forums about a weekend boost.
  4. Singapore
    Hi good people, I'm going away for the weekend and looking for a responsible relief driver. Please contact me at 976zero5zero84 for more details. I live in Clementi. Thanks for reading this and have a great week ahead.
  5. Washington DC
    Ladies and Gentlemen the crappy Baltimore "Boost" just Fells Point and Canton until 6pm then no boost until 12-2am smfh. Uber you gotta be kidding have fun ya'll with this trash
  6. Denver
    Did anyone in Denver see the bull**** weekend bonus Postmates is trying to pedal. How stupid do they think we are? One would have to work 12+ hours a day and hope you can avg 2 deliveries an hour, At the busiest times one is lucky to avg 2/hr and 3/hr get to $100. What a joke of a promo. Hey...
1-6 of 6 Results