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  1. Advice
    Hi, so I have been driving for Uber/Lyft for about 7 months now. I work 5 days a week Tuesday-Saturday 8 Hours a day. Weekdays 3pm-11pm and weekends 8pm-4am. On my weekdays I always make $160 and weekends I’ll get $200. Aka $880 a week not counting promotions because I wouldn’t always earn them...
  2. Melbourne
    Hey guys, I was interested in your opinions on what times are best to work throughout the week?
  3. Seattle
    I've only been out there for 5 or 6 regular (not a holiday) weekdays and with the exception of a couple of airport rides it seems really hard to earn during the day, during the week. Any advice?
  4. San Francisco
    Hi, I’m new to this, and glad to be here. I live in Alameda, try to drive 1-4 times on weekday mornings, hoping to stay in Alameda/Oakland/Berkeley area. I’m having a very difficult time finding rides- I hang out at BART stations (among other places: Temescal, downtown Oakland) - Rockridge...
  5. Dallas
    I'm still new a trying to find the best places to go and I prefer nights and mornings. So my question is where is the best places to go during the weeks days late at night into early morning. For example right now it's 1:49 am on Friday morning, so it's late thursday/early Friday. Where's the...
  6. Houston
    HELLO! I am deciding whether or not I want to be an Uber driver in Houston...Only thing is I can really only work Mon/Wedn/Fri/Sun....will I make money or nah?...
1-6 of 6 Results